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PopupOffice is super simple!

1. Define Your Number Of Seats

1. Define your number of seats

2 seats that are always empty? Make them available for people to use!

2. Set PopupOffice Opening Times

2. Set PopupOffice opening times

During these times, people can book your available seats.

3. Prepare Some Coffee And Water

3. Prepare some Coffee and Water

Included in PopupOffice are Coffee, Water and WIFI. So make the basics are ready!

4. Invite People To Collaborate

4. Invite people to collaborate

Now you are ready. Let people come and work at your place!

What spaces are we looking for?

Coworking Spaces

Are you runing a coworking space? Fill up your space with new members and let large companies enter your space.

Business Centres

You are a business centre and you have a coworking area? Attract new clients by entering your collaborative space!

Company Offices

You are normal office and have empty seats? Use PopupOffice to enable new interaction without leaving the office!

Meeting Rooms

You have a meeting room, but you don’t use them to the max? Let other people use them and make use of them!

What PopupOffice will do for you

Booking Reports and Statistics

With PopupOffice you have an Overview of your past and upcoming bookings. Invoices are created automatically and you can download them directly in your Dashboard.

Opening Times are easy to manage

People can book your workspace according to the times you make it available. You can define the opening times for each day. People can book your space by the hour.


At the end of each month, we will transfer you the money for the booked hours. The money goes directly to your account.


Invoicing is done automatically by PopupOffice. We get the money from the bookers and we will send it to you so you do not have to hassle with paper work.

Booker details

Reporting about the bookers gives you full insight on who is using your space. Let your own community grow!


PopupOffice shows live availability of booked hours, so you don’t need to worry about double bookings.

Contact us to add your space!
Would you like to know more about how to let people use your office via PopupOffice? Contact us!

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