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Your Workforce

Book free space live on-demand
Over 100 locations across Switzerland
Corporate Accounts billed monthly


Advantage for using PopupOffice in Business
Provide your employees with flexibility and inspiration. 

With over 100 locations across Switzerland, your employees can work anywhere and efficiently.

PopupOffice makes sure that spaces listed are suitable for working and provide your employees with the needed infrastructure to work.

Billing and invoicing of booked hours is easy and hassle-free.

Invoicing for the bookings are done at the end of each month for all accumulated hours. Employees do not need to report expenses for offices in this way.

The corporate dashboard lets you track usability in an easy way.

Easily track who is using PopupOffice and how often your employees use it.


The PopupOffice Dashboard provides Travel Managers and Facility Managers with all the tools needed to organize the use of mobile offices.

  • Overview of usage
  • Download reports
  • Easy invocing

Our employees love the way they can work flexibly and more inspired with PopupOffice. We truly believe in the innovative power this new style of interaction brings along.

Head of Innovation, AXA Winterthur

Ivo Streif

Benefits of Coworking
for large Corporations.

“In coworking you get interesting new ideas different from a group thing that characterises a department.

The really interesting questions is: How does an existing 30’000 person organisation engage with this idea – coworking and collaboration space.”

Statistics about flexible work in Switzerland
Source: Deloitte – Read full report

of people regularly outside the base office.

of people work project based as freelancers

of CFOs consider flexible workspace as important to reduce cost

of people could theoretically work productively from anywhere

Interested? Contact us to receive more information or register a business-account for your company.
The corporate membership will make it easy for companies to on-baord their staff.

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