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Frequently asked questions

PopupOffice is a network of professional workplaces that you can use as flexible offices. It functions as a real-time and on-demand booking platform that shows you live availability of workspace that you can book immediately. Urgent questions? Whatsapp us: +41 78 602 91 31


How do I create an account?

If you haven’t got an account, go to and click on Login. You can sign up using your Name, Last Name and email address.

Please do not forget to verify your account by clicking on the verification link on the welcome Email.

How do I reset my password?

Go to My Profile and click Change Password. Re-enter your password twice.

Access a Space

What are the PopupOffice opening times?

The PopupOffice opening hours are the times when the space is open and bookable for Popupoffice users.

The regular opening times of a space might be different from the PopupOffice times.

I visit a space for the first time - how do I access it?

PopupOffice sends you a booking confirmation per email with a link to google-maps. In the email you will also find an access description that explains how to find and access the space. If the Space is on the 5th floor through a hidden door, we will mention it there.

What is included in my booking?

Included is a desk to work with WIFI and Plugs. In addition, there is always Water and Coffee. Eventually, Spaces will offer you even more than that. Some spaces might charge you extra for printing, food and so on.


How can I cancel my reservation?

Go to your dashboard on PopupOffice and delete the reservation. You can cancel a reservation, free of charge until 1 minute before the booking starts.

Does the space need to confirm my booking?

No, PopupOffice is a real-time and on-demand booking platform that shows you live availability of workspace. This means, you don’t need to wait for a confirmation by the space host. Your desk is waiting for you, right after you booked it.


Can I add an additional Credit Card?

To add a new Credit Card or delete one that you have on file go to My Profile and click on Payment Methode. Stored Credit Cards will then show up during your the booking process and you can choose the one you like to use for your payment.

Can I pay by invoice?

For individual users, we only accept Credit Cards. Companies that would like to open a business account will pay by invoice.

I am a business user - how do I pay?

If your company has a business account with PopupOffice and you are signed in with your business account, your company will pay for you. This means you will not have to make a payment during the booking process. Your company will  be billed for your bookings either by Pre-pay or Pay-as-you go.


For Business Users

What is a business account?

With a Business Account employees of a company can get simplified access to PopupOffice. Employees use their business account to make a booking and the payment will be done automatically via the business account.

My company has a business account - how do I register as an employee?

To register as a business user, please use your company email address ( so that PopupOffice will recognize you as a business user. Payment will be done automatically via your employer:

  1. Go to “Sign in” and use your corporate email address ( to sign up
  2. You will receive an activation email to your email inbox. To activate your account, please click on the activation link.
  3. Now you can start booking via your companies account.

Our company does not have a business account yet - how can we create a business account for our company?

If your company would like to get a business account, they need to contact popupoffice directly by writing to . PopupOffice will then set up a business account for your company.

Video Tutorials

Make a booking

This video explains you how to make a booking at a workspace with only a few clicks.

Cancel your reservation

If you like to make a cancellation you can do so until 1 minute before booking start. See how it is done.

Access Videos

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