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Three Different Locations, Three Different Atmospheres, One Name: Seedspace In Geneva

Three different locations, three different atmospheres, one name: Seedspace in Geneva

Seedspace offers three new locations in the Geneva area – naturally designed offices focusing on connecting digital startups, companies and fostering connections to emerging markets. Founded in 2016, Seedspace is a global network and has launched over 20 spaces spread across 17 countries. We are happy to welcome them on PopupOffice and asked our three questions to the host – Stéphane Journot:

1. Why did you launch Seedspace ?

Seedspace has built up a network of workspaces with a mission to connect entrepreneurs in the technology sector and help them collaborate. Seedspace in Geneva was founded as as a base for their global network Seedstars which operates in 65+ emerging countries. 

2.What is unique about your spaces?

Our spaces are unique because of its natural and creative vibe. The interior design and setup invites our community to think out-of-the-box. We provide coworking spaces but also offer other services such as co-living so people can live on-site – this is unique for the swiss market. We also do networking events to foster connections among members and outsiders. Our on-site restaurant, run by a local food startup, complements our offering. The collaboration with our parent company Seedstars is an additional advantage and fosters intellectual resources and networking with emerging markets.

3.For what kind of users in particular are the spaces made for?

Our main customers are digital entrepreneurs and startups willing to take advantage of our young community of achievers. We strive to connect people and make them aware of talents surrounding them. This customer base is completed by more traditional companies and individuals who all believe in the values of collaboration, openness and diversity. We are looking forward to welcoming the PopupOffice members in our space!

Learn & explore more about the three Seedspaces locations below:

La Chevillarde
19th Century Swiss Mansion

This 19th century mansion provides a unique space in Geneva. The 15’000sqm green garden creates an harmony for coworkers who can see squirrels and hear birds singing. The winter is mystical and the summer is magical.


La Chevillarde1 La Chevillarde2

La Praille
Industrial Vibrant Home

This industrial vibrant home located in the upcoming neighborhood of La Praille is a two-storey concrete building that Seedspace turned into a creative base for tech entrepreneurs & startups. On-site restaurant is a must!


La Praille1 La Praille2 La Praille3 La Praille4

Flux Laboratory
Events & Contemporary Gallery Space

Situated in the quiet city center of Carouge, Seedspace Flux is a partnership with the foundation. The goal of this space is to foster connection within the artworld and the tech industry, providing a unique atmosphere for artists and tech geeks.


Flux1 Flux2

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